Lately I have been posting some before and after photos of the incredible changes that occur when natural glycans are applied to the skin via Uth Skin Rejuvenation Creme. Although these pictures are amazing, the real reason to purchase a product from M5M is two fold. The obvious is to have an immediate and profound impact on your health through the science of glycobiology. The not so obvious reason is to have a profound impact on the life of a child, because both go hand in hand, and when you do the former, the latter occurs automatically. That’s the beauty of social entrepreneurship! Here is the real before and after photo you need to see, because this is why we do what we do, and promote products that allow a single individual to have an extraordinary effect on a global problem.

Meet Aura

“When Aura first began receiving nutritional support from MannaRelief she weighed what a five year old child should. The problem was that she was 10 years old. Her skin was pale, she had no hair on her and her health was quickly fading. Today, just over a year later, Aura is a healthier 12 year old that runs and plays; and is now attending school again”.

This is just one child that through one individual’s purchase her life has been saved. She will laugh, play, learn, contribute, and enjoy what all children should. Imagine how many more stories like Aura we can tell all because one person does “one simple act” and the world changes forever!

How does M5M work and how can you help? Watch This!



Much has been said about the immediate and dramatic effects seen with the application of Uth in 30 something individuals, but what about more mature individuals, like the over 60 crowd. Will they see the same dramatic effects? In 50-60 year olds, the major concerns are discoloration (age spots), pore size, loss of elasticity, and a dulling of the skin. All these issues are demonstrated in the first picture below. Notice the fading of the “age spots”, the reduction of the fine lines and wrinkles just under the eyes, and how pores are less noticeable in the middle picture.Now compare how, in the bottom picture, the skin has a more “youthful” appearance with significant reduction in age spots and fine lines. Also notice the healthy glow of the skin, how pores are virtually unnoticed, and how elasticity has been restored. When you consider that this person is almost 65 years old, you can see just how important restoration of the skin’s matrix becomes and the dramatic effects of a healthy matrix to even mature skin.


This is a before and after picture of a 17 year old young girl with cystic acne. For 5 years this young lady would never leave the house without makeup. After 6 weeks of using Uth Skin Rejuvenation Creme twice a day as directed, the results are life changing. Imagine how much more improvement will be seen in another 6 weeks. Results like this would be difficult to obtain even with using potent prescription only medications with sometimes dangerous side effects. Uth uses glycobiology to work with the body in the natural rejuvenation of the skin and results like this are what is possible when you give the body exactly what it needs.


Previously I posted a before and after picture of a 30 something female and the results were amazing, but what about someone older? Check out this post from Mannatech’s Facebook contest.

Recently we ran a contest on Facebook to promote our newest skincare product, Ūth Advanced Skin Matrix Rejuvenation Crème. For the contest, we asked people who have been using Ūth skin crème to submit their Before and After photos. We got some amazing submissions, but when it came time to choose a winner, the vote was unanimous! And while the photos say a lot, the story behind them is what really makes this special.

Meet Mrs. Rosa Sanchez of Wesley Chapel, Florida. She’s the mother of six children, three grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. She started using Ūth skin crème when her daughter, Ruth Sanchez, an Associate in New York, began sending it to her in the beginning of December. The first photo was taken by Rosa’s other daughter, Associate Evelyn Reda, just before she began using the product.

When Ruth arrived at her mother’s house for Christmas, Rosa told her daughter, “I don’t really know if it’s working.” Ruth and Evelyn encouraged Rosa to wait until they took new photos, explaining that “we don’t always notice the changes happening when we’re looking at ourselves every single day.” As the day continued and the rest of the family arrived, the change in Rosa’s complexion was more than noticeable to the family members who hadn’t seen her in some time. Everyone was amazed by how great Rosa looked and could not stop talking about what she was doing for her skin.

Finally, later that evening, they had the chance to take some new photos and when Rosa saw the original photo compared to the new ‘after’ photo she got a little emotional and said, “Well, if I got to get older, then I might as well look younger!”

After just four weeks of use, Rosa Sanchez and all her loved ones saw a remarkable change; the favorable comments have continued to come in and needless to say, Rosa Sanchez is a big fan of Ūth skin crème!


Author’s update: The information contained in this post, although true in every aspect, is now irrelevant.  Mannatech has decided to discontinue this product.

What if there was a Sports Nutrition product that aids in the removal of performance-robbing ammonia? This leads to the question: What is the primary cause of premature fatigue?

Most people think its the accumulation of lactic acid or the depletion of muscle glycogen.  Both are factors, but according to Dr. Michael Colgan in his book that discusses ammonia and its detrimental effects on performance. Colgan wrote:

“A second inhibitor of exercise, happening simultaneously with the accumulation of acidity, is accumulation of ammonia. All anaerobic and endurance exercise produces oodles of the stuff. Bad news! Ammonia is toxic to all cells, reduces the formation of glycogen, and inhibits the energy cycle. It has devastating effects on brain function. We still don’t know how much it contributes to fatigue, but we do know that the higher your blood ammonia, the poorer your performance. So the second thing that a successful ergogenic supplement has to do is reduce ammonia accumulation.”(1)

So how can you reduce and/or neutralize the formation of ammonia? In a book by Dr. James Balch, the amino acid aspartic acid is a key substrate for endurance athletes. Dr. Balch writes: “Because aspartic acid increases stamina, it is good for fatigue and plays a vital role in metabolism. It is good for athletes and helps to protect the liver by aiding in the removal of excess ammonia.”(2)

The best way to get aspartic acid is combining it with potassium and magnesium to form potassium/magnesium aspartate.  Studies (Agersborg and Shaw 1962, Hicks 1964, Gaby 1982) have shown that a magnesium + potassium + aspartic acid combination provides substantial benefits in the prevention of fatigue. Aspartic acid also combines with other amino acids to form molecules that absorb toxins and remove them from the bloodstream, aids the function of RNA and DNA, and helps to protect the liver. Additionally, the potassium/ magnesium aspartate compound increases production of a key substrate, oxaloacetate, which is involved in energy production.

EmPact contains Magnesium Aspartate and Potassium Aspartate in an easy form to add to your fuel-mix bottle.  During workouts that go over 90 minutes (when ammonia buildup starts to be an issue) one or two teaspoonfuls of EmPact added to your bottle could significantly reduce fatigue by aiding in removal of excess ammonia. Additionally, there is support in the prevention of cramping due to the aspartate component being chelated to magnesium and potassium, 2 critical electrolytes.



1.  Colgan, Michael. Optimum Sports Nutrition. New York: Advanced Research Press, 1993, pp. 282-3

2.  Balch, James F. Prescription for Nutritional Healing. Garden City Park, NY: Avery Publishing Group, 1997, pp. 36-37


What if there was a sports performance formula that has been clinically shown to enhance VO2max by 15%.

The human body’s maximal ability to use or consume oxygen for aerobic metabolism during exercise, better known as VO2max, is an important predictor of athletic performance in endurance activities. Two clinical studies examined the effectiveness of EM·PACT (Mannatech, Inc.) on athletic performance.(1,2)  The main findings of these studies were that markers of cardiorespiratory fitness, specifically VO2max, and time to exhaustion were significantly (p < .05) enhanced by ingestion of EM·PACT prior to graded exercise testing. In particular, overall increases were observed in VO2max (15.5%) and time to exhaustion (8.7%). The results of these studies also support the use of EM·PACT  in tests of aerobic power as well.

What one must understand is just how hard it is just to get a modest increase in VO2 max.  Chris Carmichael, coach to dozens of Pro Athletes, explains it like this: “you need bigger and more abundant mitochondria in your muscle cells so they can break down fat and carbohydrate into usable energy more quickly.  With greater capacity in your mitochondria, you can go faster before you reach the point where accumulated lactate forces you to slow down (lactate threshold).  And since mitochondria also reintegrate lactate into normal aerobic metabolism so it can be broken down to usable energy, having more and bigger mitochondria also means you can recover from hard, lactate-accumulating efforts more quickly.”

“Why can’t you grow more and larger mitochondria from longer, lower-intensity training sessions? To a point, you can, but if you’ve progressed to being a moderately fit or above-average athlete, then you’ve most likely reached the point where volume alone won’t lead to continued increases in mitochondrial density.”

“High-intensity interval training is necessary for achieving increased mitochondrial density—no matter how much time you have available for training.”  How does Chris define “high-intensity”?  “VO2max interval training is cross-eyed, burning-lungs, I-think-I’m-going-to-puke intensity”.

If it takes that kind of intensity to get a 4 or 5 percent increase in VO2 max, then you can begin to understand why 15% from a powder you add to your sports drink is huge.  An Increase in VO2 max is just one of the benefits of including EM·PACT in your training and racing routine. It also will increase the energy produced by muscle cells, neutralize lactic acid, and help scavenge excess ammonia produced during long efforts. I will discuss these in a later post.


1.  Byars A, Keith S, Snowden S (2009) The influence of a pre-exercise sports drink on indices of aerobic power. Presented at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine’s 6th Annual Natural Supplements Conference, San Diego, California. January 22-25.

2.  Byars A, Keith S, Simpson W, et al. (2010) The influence of a pre-exercise sports drink (PRX) on factors related to maximal aerobic performance. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 7:1-6.



  • Finally, what we’ve all been looking for: YOUTH! in a bottle. Clinical studies of key ingredients in Mannatech Uth crème have shown to:
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of lines
  • Increase moisture and hydration
  • Give the skin greater luminosity
  • Even skin’s tone
  • Improve the elasticity of the skin
  • Refine pore size

Birthed in new science that has uncovered a monumental discovery in understanding the mechanism that causes the 7 signs of aging skin. Underneath the top layer of our skin is a firm, cushiony material called the the matrix.  The matrix contains structural proteins that are used to create a mesh-like webbing to hold a unique composition of specific nutrients that our skin cells crave.  One of these specific nutrients, a complex sugar structure known as a glycan, serves as a biological key that activates a chain reaction of signals between skin cells necessary for the production of the structural components of this matrix.  Does it Work?

A picture is worth a thousand words:



Here is a quote from the Huffington Post: “A new-generation skincare cream, being hailed the ‘holy grail’ of anti-ageing, is set to take the UK market by storm this week. Ahead of its launch, 5,000 British women have already pre-ordered the Yves Saint Laurent cream in their haste to hold back the years. The Forever Youth Liberator range, which has been 20 years in the making, claims to not only give the appearance of a youthful complexion but to actually rejuvenate the skin. The products contain synthetic versions of naturally-occurring sugars in the skin, called glycans, which prompt cells to renew themselves. These play a vital role in the structure of healthy skin but their numbers decline as the skin ages.”  The reason YSL uses synthesized glycans is because, much to YSL chagrin, we own the patents to the natural plant-sourced glycan they used in their original studies.

So, what if the original version, with the naturally-occurring glycans, would become available.

What if the delivery mechanism was through a patented technology from France called micro spheres that carry these amazing glycans to the deepest layers of your skin?

What if the product would have an immediate effect?

What if there was a 6 month money back guarantee?

What if every purchase nourished a child for a month through our Mission 5 Million movement?

What if a product like that was available to the public on November 8-9?

The future of skin rejuvenation begins in less than 1 month!


If you are ever in the outer banks of North Carolina, be sure and visit Outer Banks TRI Sports. This quote from their website sums up what they are all about: We are a specialty retail store that provides its customers with top notch products and service. We strive to help our customers purchase high quality product that they need to achieve a greater level of fitness, or whatever goals they are trying to achieve. We will provide advice and knowledge on a wide range of products and services, which will help them to focus on their running, walking, swimming, cycling, triathlons and fitness. We want all our customers—whether they are a beginner or a very experienced athlete—to come in and find whatever they need to help them live healthier lifestyles.

Debbie Luke is very knowledgeable about shoes, bikes, wetsuits, and where to run and ride. Her husband, Butch, saved my week with a quick repair on my bike.  Wish I had a store like this in my home town.

Check out their site HERE


What if you could change YOUR world and THE world all at the same time! Every time I watch this video it makes me proud to know I am making an impact in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Please Watch This.