The 2 Hormones of Obesity – Leptin and Ghrelin

Ghrelin (“Gray-lin”) is a hormone produce by the lining of the stomach that stimulates hunger.  Ghrelin increases before a meal and decreases after a meal.  It travels via the blood to the hypothalmus of the brain where a feeling of fullness is integrated with a perceived need to consume more calories.

Ghrelin’s counterpart is Leptin which is produced by fat cells and sends the message to the hypothalmus to either stop eating/burn fat or eat more/store fat.  Ghrelin seems to be more involved with food intake; hunger/satiety, while lepin seems to be more involved with energy expenditure and energy balance; burn fat/store fat.

Here is where it gets confusing: Ghrelin levels in the blood of obese individuals is lower than those in leaner individuals, but if Ghrelin’s message to the brain is high levels, eat more and low levels, stop eating, why wouldn’t you expect the opposite.  How about Leptin.  Leptin signals the brain to stop eating.  Years ago scientist thought that if you lowered Leptin levels you would increase appetite and increase fat storage.  We now know that just the opposite is true, lower Leptin levels decrease appetite and increase fat metabolism.  Are you totally confused now?

When we have too many fat cells, (as most of us do) all pumping out Leptin, screaming at the brain to stop eating and start burning fat, the brain becomes so overwhelmed that it ignores Leptin’s message. This is called Leptin resistance.  Since genetically we are programed to eat for survival, the brain continues to ignore this message as a safety valve.  It is only when we lower Letin levels that the brain can finally hear the message to stop eating/burn fat.

The same thing happens with Ghrelin.  Since we eat way to many processed foods and refined carbohydrates, that digest too fast, and even though Ghrelin levels decrease after a meal the stomach is not full long enough for the brain to hear Ghrelin’s message. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables and other whole foods along with increased physical activity can prevent or alleviate the Ghrelin/Leptin regulatory system from getting out of control.  Easier said than done, right?

The reason the Cinch Inch Loss system is so effective is that it works with, not against, this regulatory system. Cinch with its Resistant Starch, healthy fiber, and quality protein digests slowly so the stomach stays full long enough for the brain to hear the message of satiety (see previous post on volumetrics). Cinch 3-in-1 Boost and Cinch Energy Tea’s ability to lower Leptin levels, allows the brain to hear the burn fat message.  When you apply scientific principles to weight management and work with the body, not try to overwhelm it with stimulants and synthetic hormones, you get a safe, lasting weight loss that is consistent with improved health. Cinch Inch Loss Plan, safe, healthy, and now proven to help manage your weight!

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